17. November 2022
13. January 2023

Ro’s Event (formerly Ritz)


Hestetorvet 3
4000 Roskilde

Ritz was a popular nightclub in downtown Roskilde in the 1980s and 1990s.

Since then, the space has been occupied by various discos, including the Monsoon Club. Still equipped with coloured lights, bar counters and a dance floor, the space in recent years has belonged to Ro’s Event, which has rented it out for private events.

Presenting Jacolby Satterwhite, the Museum of Contemporary Art strove to underscore how the American artist’s work highlights club culture, where late-night parties provide a refuge for minorities from the oppression of everyday life. In turn, we rented the former Ritz for a stint, moving Satterwhite’s video installations, neon works and VR experiences into the dark.



The exhibition culminated in a club night organized by Jasho Club, a feminist, queer and BIPOC collective. Local and international DJs heated up the dance floor, accompanied by performances by the artists Maji Claire and Yaa. Reflecting the themes of Satterwhite’s works, all the elements celebrated the artist’s work with marginalized voices.

 Photo: David Stjernholm_Jacolby Satterwhite_ Birds in Paradise, 2019